Uniquely Me


The Sunny Side worked with Sephora on a campaign whose objective is to gain 100k new Sephora members in Singapore by 2021 in the POME age group of 18-23-year-old girls.

We came up with the concept of “Uniquely Me” which is about giving girls the platform to express their individuality.

Based on this concept, we created a gift box whose design uses the Sephora stripes to create a fingerprint, a metaphor for the uniqueness of each girl. The items in the gift box were invitations to experiences that gave girls different ways to express their unique selves.

The above are 3 different ways in which we married the Sephora stripes with the fingerprint motif.

The envelopes inside contained invitations to experiences, and were designed to be consistent with the exterior of the box.

One of the experiences was a coding workshop for girls to give them one more avenue through which to express themselves.

Other experiences included partnerships with perfume makers and confectioners to organize fun creative events.