Theories Are Coming


As a fun side project, we created Theories Are Coming, a Game of Thrones crazy theory generator website. Users could combine any of 10 characters with any of 10 scenarios to generate 100 theories and share them on social media.

Case study video of the work.

We received 56,000 organic visitors with zero media spend. Each visitor spent 3:02 minutes on the site and visited 5.75 pages on average. Bounce rate was an exceptionally low 20%.  We got picked up by Mashable, The Verge, Gizmodo, Digital Spy and the media in the US,  UK,  France,  Germany,  Spain,  Italy,  Brazil,  IndiaRussia,  Netherlands,  Belgium,  SingaporeIreland,  Australia,  Hungary,  Iran,  Nigeria, Czech Republic,  Greece,  KazakhstanTurkey and Chile.

Users saw a simple interface that let them choose characters and scenarios to generate theories.

These are just 4 of the 100 possible theories.

Media in 22 countries picked it up organically with $0 media spend from us.