Fragrance of Love


The Sunny Side won a competitive pitch against big agencies to create a film and integrated campaign for P&G Vietnam for the Tet 2019 festive season.

This 3-minute film captured the stress of a Vietnamese woman during Tet and offered a solution in the form of her husband sharing the festive responsibilities.

We identified a societal tension in Vietnam: The Tet festive season is no longer a happy time for women because they are considered responsible for the happiness of their families during the festive season. This is even more so for the modern Vietnamese woman who balances her family responsibilities with her career.

We won the pitch with an integrated campaign “Fragrance of Love”. The centrepiece of the campaign was a film that shined the light on the festive stress of women and convinced men to take action by sharing the Tet preparations equally with the women in their lives.

The key visual followed the same approach as the film by showing the husband performing a domestic task and the wife appreciating it. Fabric care cues were played up.

The POSMs used Tet festive cues while also showing the spread of fragrance to dial up the big idea of Fragrance of Love. This one was the Welcome Gate.

The gondola, shelf end, island and other POSM materials followed the same style of Tet festive elements and the spread of fragrance.