We pride ourselves on courageous work that stands out from the crowd and builds your brand, ultimately translating into positive impact on your results.

The Sunny Side is an agency we launched after doing a detailed study on what ails big agencies today, and how we can do things better, brighter, sunnier.

Firstly, silos are the kryptonite of big agencies. The left foot doesn’t know what the right foot is doing. Both feet don’t know what the brain is thinking. We want to fix that.

Secondly, overheads. Those costs big agencies load onto your project that don’t really contribute to creative output. The Sunny Side ensures that the only people you’re paying for are the people actively contributing to the work.

Thirdly, layers. A designer at a big agency may come up with a kickass design, but it’ll be watered down by committee once the art director, senior art director, creative group head, ACD and ECD get their hands on it. Not to mention the countless hours lost in pointless meetings. We avoid all of that.

All these differences we’ve implemented at The Sunny Side mean two things: better work and lower costs. Paradoxical, you say, for better work to also cost less? Well, we’ve found a way.

Nimble and agile we may be. But don’t let that make you think we’re inexperienced. Our founder Vasanth Seshadri spent a decade in the hallowed creative grounds of BBDO New York and JWT Singapore, plus digital agencies such as Wunderman and SapientRazorfish, before starting The Sunny Side.

Our ecosystem of creatives and technologists have also spent lots of time at the best creative and digital agencies. Thanks to their experiences at those agencies, our people have acquired the knowhow to do top-quality work. But now that they are part of The Sunny Side, they are no longer encumbered by the lumbering processes of their previous agencies.

Check out the work we’ve done for our global and regional clients. If you like what you see, let’s connect over lunch or coffee.