Mid-Autumn Festival Campaign


The Sunny Side worked with Singaporean baking supplies brand Redman by Phoon Huat for their 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival campaign.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is best-known for mooncakes. In recent years, most consumers celebrating the festival were choosing to buy mooncakes from stores. This is not good for a baking supplies brand which benefits from people baking more mooncakes themselves.

We designed a key visual that brought to life the magic of crafting your own Mid-Autumn Festival by baking your own mooncakes, as opposed to buying store mooncakes which lack the personal touch.

Fun fact: This was the first time The Sunny Side produced work using an AI generated image, as the mom and daughter pic was generated by Midjourney. This helped us ensure an image that showed the craft of baking, the togetherness of family, the beauty of mooncakes, and Chinese-Singaporean looking people (as opposed to Chinese from China, Taiwan or Hong Kong). This combination was proving to be impossible to achieve using a stock pic, which is why this became an ideal use case for Generative AI.

This key visual was used extensively in Redman stores across Singapore.

The campaign also included an email newsletter

And an animated Instagram post